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Our business idea at Sun-Com Logistics AB is to work closely with you as a customer offer optimized logistics solutions. As a way of achieving this we offer personal service, dedication, competence, quality, flexibility and a drive beyond the usual, we dare to claim that we do not have any superiors in the logistics industry.

We at Sun-Com Logistics AB provide home delivery from our customers to end consumers, even Individuals can hire us for transportation. Our home deliveries are divided into seven different branches, with single staff or dual staffing.

The workload may vary during the year. Occasions when you need to hire staff canfor example, at workstations, organizational changes or parental leave.

Sun-Com AB has extensive competence and long-term experience in distribution service minded and always striving for an impressed customer. We offer custom solutionsaccording to the needs and wishes of the main customer.



Sun-Com Logistics AB