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Our motto is



Sun-Com Logistics AB is a transport company that offers transport services as well as warehouses and 3pl services. 
We are a company where you as a customer can always feel safe with letting us do your assignment for our mission. 
Our main goal is to always put the environment and our customers' wishes in focus and always strive to get an impressed customer.   


In March 2012, Sun-Com Logistics AB was started. With time Sun-Com Logistics AB has grown and we who are operating Sun-Com Logistics AB has grown with the company. 
We always see new opportunities to develop and always follow the development in the market and always try to find new solutions to be able to develop more. We look forward while we stand with steady feet in the present. 


Present and future 
We are the personal transport company where the proximity to the customer is prioritized. Sun-Com Logistics AB is to be characterized by giving all customers the task of attention and care, which means that the assignments exceed the client's expectations of practical and functional solutions, our philosophy is to always think before , thus we know that we create added value for you as customers. We always strive to be as effective as possible; economic, time and quality.   We are a transport company that consists of driven and industry-knowledgeable people in mixed ages with many years of accumulated experience.   

Together with our customers, we always look to get a solution that suits you.

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