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Sun-Com AB has extensive competence and long-term experience in distribution service minded and always striving for an impressed customer. We offer custom solutionsaccording to the needs and wishes of the main customer. By having our own distribution layer & ownTraffic Management, we can always provide a cost effective, reliable and fast solution.



We can guarantee you a safe and secure solution within 3pl, your problem will be our nut to crack!Through 3pl Sun-Com Logistics AB handles all distribution, warehousing, deliveries and picking.We can integrate our booking system with your business system to make it so smooth as possible for you as a customer  



The workload may vary during the year.

Occasions when you need to hire staff canfor example, at workstations, organizational changes or parental leave.Crew makes your business flexible and you get an extra resource during the period you areneed it the most.


We continuously monitor the extra resources and take full responsibility for employers.Then you can continue to work for even more satisfied customers.



We at Sun-Com Logistics AB provide home delivery from our customers to end consumers, even Individuals can hire us for transportation. Our home deliveries are divided into seven different branches, with single staff or dual staffing.


Curbside means that the product is shipped to the property line if the customer lives in villa or to the gate if the customer lives in an apartment, as far as there is a safe road for our vehicles.


Dual Staffing with carrying means that Sun-Com Logistics AB delivers customer goods home to customer and carries into the customers home.


Dual staffing with carrying, assembling & return of goods: Means that Sun-Com AB carries the goods home to the customer, and in connection with this, assembles the customer's new furniture.


Dual staffing with carrying, assembling & return/recycling: Means that Sun-Com AB carries the goods home to the customer, and in connection with this, assembles the customer's new furniture and takes back the old furniture for recycling.


Inspection: means that Sun-Com AB comes out to the final consumer to implement one inspection of a product for the main customer


Reclaim: means that Sun-Com helps the main customer replace a broken part of the final consumer's product.



Our cutomer support is available for you when you need it


We want to provide you with the best support


We are a swedish company with the heart in Stockholm


Nothing is too complex for us, we find the way to make sure we get it done 


With our knowledge and long experience we can make sure that our customers are satisfied with our work

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