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Delivery terms

Carry-in to designated location:
One designated location per delivery on the floor the product has entered the residence. If the consignee still wishes for the product to be delivered up/downstairs inside of the residence this will then occur on the consignee’s own risk, under the prerequisite that the
product may be transported to the designated location up/downstairs without any risk of damaging or opening the package.


This also applies if the packaging is broken or removed for easier transport in connection to the request and/or consent of the recipient.


Sun-Com renounces all responsibility for any potential damage that may occur to property or product in connection to this.


Prerequisite for carry-in to designated location service is that the product's weight and size makes it possible for two people to handle the carry-in. Product packaging will not be broken, unless in the case where another service has been booked where removal of packaging is

The consignee is responsible for the removal of any potential obstacles and that measures have been taken so that the delivery can be fulfilled without any risk of damage.

These measures include but are not limited to; covering the floor using construction paper or similar non slippery material, where there is not any risk for Sun-Com's employees to slip. Removal of doors, paintings, lamps etc. should be prepared before delivery takes place.


If these measures have not been taken before delivery takes place, Sun-Com Logistics renounces all responsibility for any potential damage that may occur on property/product in connection to this. 

Drivers will not remove their shoes during delivery to a designated location or carry-in delivery with assembly.

In the case the product due to its weight and/or size in combination with a hard to get to location cannot be transported safely without harm to either personal or property/product, the driver owns the rights to deny the carry-in to the designated location and instead place
the product inside the consignee’s front door. This will be considered an approved delivery.

The same delivery terms also apply when the carry-in is done by one person.

"Bomkörning" or failed delivery is when the customer/consignee has not been able to be reached through the phone and is not available at the assigned delivery location.

The driver will wait for 10 minutes and after that the delivery will be considered a "bomkörning" or failed delivery.

Customer/consignee will then be charged for the delivery, the return cost as well as the cost for the new delivery.
Droppfrakt/curbside means that the product will be delivered to the plot boundary/apartment gate.

Packaging shall be inspected by the consignee before signing the delivery and if any visible damage is discovered in connection to the delivery, the consignee shall inform the driver about the damage.

If no remark of visible damage has been done during delivery, then any request of compensation will be denied. Any hidden damage needs to be reported to Sun-Com Logistics within 7 days of the initial delivery. That is important to think about in the event of damage to the product.
*Do not throw away the packaging.
*Document the damage with pictures.
*Protect the product so it does not become more damaged.
*You are not allowed to begin selling the couch until an approved reclamation.


Sun-Com Logistics may potentially need to do an inspection of the damaged product and of the package.
Sun-Com Logistics responsibility ends when the product has been placed on the designated location of the consignee address.


Exact placement of the product is directly inside the consignee front door, office or warehouse unless another location has been discussed and agreed on before delivery. Assuming the product can be transported there without hindrance.
If the consignee wishes that the product shall be delivered to a specific location or through
extraordinary delivery conditions.

For example:
*Transport up/downstairs in consignee’s residence
*Winching via the facade


This will then take place on the consignee’s own risk, which the customer will be informed about. This means in case of extraordinary deliveries that the customer/consignee takes full responsibility concerning any potential damage that may occur on product, facade, or
other property during the extraordinary delivery.

The delivery must be canceled by the customer 24 hours before the goods are loaded on the truck or the delivery date.
If the cancellation is submitted after 24 hours or the goods have been loaded this will be considered as a non-successful delivery. The customer will be debited for the delivery, a fee for returning the goods will be added and then an additional fee will be debited if a new
delivery is booked.


Goods must be dismantled to the point that they are ready for carrying out before our arrival.
For example, Legs must be unscrewed, and any modules separated.
Sun-Com does not assist with the dismantling of your furniture that is going to be returned/recycled.
If the goods are dirty/unhygienic, does the consignee need to vacuum the item off – alternatively wrap in the parts with plastic.
This need to be done before our arrival.

Our driver’s have the full right to refuse the consignee´s return/recycling if the requirements is not fulfilled.

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